One of my ancestors was Dr. Patrick Vance who lived in Lexington, Virginia. I now live only an hour away and took the opportunity to make a few trips over there to see if I could find some new information. Along the way, I discussed the possibility of publishing a book about the family. Cousins agreed that they would like to see it done and I have just finished the book and sent it to the printers today.

This is a small family and there’s simply no way for me to make enough money off the book to pay for my trips or time.  It’s not that I do this kind of work just for profit but I really prefer a larger pool of possible buyers. I know that in genealogy heaven I will be amply lauded and held dear. Here on earth it’s a bit problematic to put a lot of time into something not doesn’t net an income when I’m still needing an income!  This one is really a gift to family. I hope I’ve done it justice.

I’m taking pre-orders for the print book and the digital version is now available. Check out the cvillegenie shop!

Look for the upcoming post with a bit from the book…