delia_newNow located in the historic town of Gardiner, Maine, Maine Genie is owned by Delia Wilson Lunsford, a Georgia native.

She is a descendant of a Maine set of Wilsons that arrived here in 1719 and it was this tree that sparked her interest in genealogy originally.  Delia holds a bachelor’s in English and is an accomplished writer and business woman. She moved to Charlottesville ten years ago before she ever thought about genealogy but is now just tickled to be living in the midst of so much history – the nation’s, the south’s and her own as three of her family lines originate here in Virginia. In 2018 Delia moved to Maine to further her research and enjoy New England properly instead of only during her trips.

Delia is solidly grounded in New England history and genealogy. She has written a book about the Wilsons of Maine, The Uncommonly Common, available for ordering on this website as well as at, Barnes & Noble and most local bookstores. Before the move to Maine, she completed a book on the Vances of Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia and is working on another for the Alexanders of Maine.