After surviving the Wilson Project (which of course never really ends), I turned to James Wilson’s daughter, Jennet and her husband, William Alexander of Harpswell. I devoted only a chapter to the Alexanders in the Wilson book when in reality that family is possibly more than half of James Wilson’s descendants.

I did look at all the Maine Alexanders and now that I’m writing the book, I’m thinking I need a different approach for the Alexanders. They are wider in scope as I’m looking at all the Alexanders in southern Maine – not just William of Harpswell’s family. So I am considering several paths based on the level of interest in the living descendants.

I will be posting in the blog bits and pieces of that research as producing a printed book on all those I researched at this time simply is too time-consuming and exhausting to pursue.

The first blog is here: /the-alexanders-of-maine which I shall update shortly.

If you are interested in my research results, I want to suggest a way to get your family’s information in a printed form, either a pdf or a printed book. It does require a pre-paid fee which help me determine how committed family members are and so I can direct my efforts there way.

The families that I am tracing do start with William Alexander of Harpswell but I’ve also dug deeply into the Topsham, Bowdoin and Bowdoinham Alexanders. Their descendants I am eager to reach as I’m hoping for Alexander surnamed men to participate in the Alexander project and then start looking at some evidence of how closely related the families are. Also, descendant information may help us untangle the less documented Alexander families.

In addition the descendants of William Alexander of Harpswell and Alexanders who don’t have living descendants, the researched and documented trees include but are not limited to:

William of Topsham / Robert of Topsham m. Elizabeth Potter
Robert & Elizabeth’s known and possible children:
Robert Jr m. Elizabeth Combs, Bowdoin
Jane Alexander m. James McFarland, Brunswick/Wales
Thomas Alexander m. Betsey Dixon, Lisbon
Esther Alexander m. Amos Childs of Vassalboro
John Alexander m. Susanna Reed, Bowdoinham and Dresden
David Alexander of Topsham m. Mary Haley

Robert Alexander m. Elizabeth Jellison, Bowdoin

John Alexander m. Mary Jordan, Topsham

George Alexander m. Jane Savage, Georgetown

John Alexander m. Hannah Combs, son William m. Rebecca Baker

William Alexander m. Nancy, daughters married George Gross of Deer Isle, Solomon Marshall

Margaret Alexander, first wife Robert Gower, Farmington

William Alexander m. Lucy Hacker of Bowdoin & Portland

Jean & Barbara Alexander m. Douglas brothers

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these families.