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The Uncommonly Common (hardback)

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The story of the James Wilson family of Topsham, Maine, is a very typical one for America's early settlers. Tales of Indian Wars, hardships, and lives lived quietly are always more prevalent than epic sagas and larger than life heroes. James Wilson came to this country in 1719: his descendants, living and dead, number over 20,000.

This book is a thoroughly documented journey of discovery of a Georgia girl who uncovers a new family, a Yankee family.  It is a readable and even enjoyable book of genealogical history combined with some personal observations.

All known descendants born before 1900 are delineated for most lines and then one line is taken (her own) all the way to present day. Two chapters tell the story of two different individuals, a sheriff in the 1850s near Gainesville, Florida, and Civil War deserter who settled in the Virginia mountains.

Accompanied by a website with up-to-date information, this book is a valuable reference for any descendent or genealogist looking to find the truth about the commonly named Wilson family of Topsham, Maine, who were anything but common.

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