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James Wilson, Customized Shorts

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Customize the Wilson book, The Uncommonly Common. You can have your line documented with photographs and storied for all your living family members.

Then you choose whether it is to be hardback or paperback as well as some other options. 

The fee includes the setup including an ISBN number if needed and one volume shipped to you. You provide any photos you want to include in addition to what I already have or can find and you may also have your immediate family included with or without birthdates for the living. It is your responsibility to document the last couple of generations - I may have family members born after 1900 but that data is not promised to be accurate. Getting it right is important!

You'll receive a draft copy so that no setup is done without your approval. All editions will be in color and page length is not restricted normally.

Great for gifts or for your next family reunion. Once the setup is finished, you can also order as many copies as you want in addition to your first keepsake. It's print on demand so you can order one or more at any time.

Terms, conditions & samples are available here.
Additional fees may be quoted as your book is underway as stated in the terms & conditions.
Your payment is considered to be acceptance of these terms. No refunds if I have started work.

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