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Sinnett Index of Alexanders (PDF)

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This is a pdf of an updated index of Charles Nelson Sinnett's Alexander genealogy. Included are full names, father, mother, spouses, birth/death year, extra notes on spouse parentage. I added missing persons but it is still not an full list. Most births before 1900 are included unless most of the family was not enumerated like some of the families of Curtis, Merryman and others. Also not included are the additional lines Sinnett dug into that are not directly related to the the William of Harpswell descendants. That was poorly done anyway and muddies the water.

What this does give researchers is the ability to look up any Alexander surnamed individual born before 1900 that is part of the Harpswell family. I am also working on a book on all the Alexanders that will included the extra Alexanders and more of the related families.

Any mistakes in the index are mine and mine alone. If you purchase this and find a definite mistake, please let me know. It is easy to fix!

Warning - this is not formatted for ease of printing. Due to the number of columns, the pages are made larger to be able to view each entry easily. That meant using a non standard page size which cannot be easily printed.

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