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Terms for Shorts

  • Hardback or paperback. Design will be standardized for each volume/family. 
  • Choice of cover colors may be available.
  • No more than 2 proof copies which will be in watermarked PDF form.
  • I provide as much of the past generations data as I have accumulated but you must provide me with info for births 1900 and up. I take no responsibility for data on living persons and full family data is welcomed. For example, George orders it for his children and his siblings are included with the data that is provided to me; however, some family members may not appreciate being included. It is up to the buyer to either clear it with other families or take responsibity after printing.
  • Choice of publicly available or only orderable by approved family members. Publicly means that all outlets can order the printed version - your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc. If you wish the publication be privatized, you will only be able to order via me/my website.
  • I can provide access to a online facility to add your family members with their names, birth and death dates if you do not have any digital files like a GED or Family Maker file. Other formats may be usable. Please check with me first.
  • Photos must be provided either physically or digitally, but digital photos must be sized correctly for print use. It is always possible that your photos will only print very small or blurry when larger. I will vet the photos for you for print worthiness. Physical scanning may incur an additional fee.
  • If the data provided is badly organized, apparently incorrect or just too much for the setup price, I will ask for additional fees. Customization comes with additional costs. Please consult with me before you make the decision of what to include.
  • No handwritten or typewritten information  on real paper will be accepted without additional fees.
  • Genealogical data presented in your book will follow a specific format that is outputted by my software and then edited by me. 
  • Indexing is available. It is only data input that has to be entered manually so it is pricey!
  • A full draft sample of a previously published book with combination story and genealogical data is available upon request. These screenshots give you an idea: story w/image, family page with additional story, data only, index
  • Your payment is considered to be acceptance of these terms. No refunds if I have started work. 


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