Finally! I have taken a long hiatus after a surgery and the move to Maine but I’m back now. 

We moved to Maine last July and now that the daffodils are peeking their heads up, we are all coming out of the winter hibernation. So many things shut down during the winter that sometimes doing research is a bit iffy – especially if the weather turns. I’ve only gotten stuck once this year – on top of a ridge of hardened snow on a slippery road. Not too bad for this southerner but still….

I’m presently looking at my business and the accompanying websites to decide which direction I want to go. I cannot give up my web business as it still is our principal income beyond social security but with the move comes changes. I’m still putting the updated info online but at least finally have new business cards. I got my first Maine web design job recently – making me feel like we really are here!

In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact me about genealogy or compiling your family history!